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      Instant cloud connections.
      Infinite cloud control.
      Get direct, secure access to many of the world¡¯s top cloud providers and seamlessly connect to your clouds in minutes, not months. 

      of firms using hybrid cloud management software say it helps achieve agility.1
      The Business Benefits of Improved IT Agility
      3 out of 4 
      firms consider IT Agility critical.2

      Managed cloud

      Enable self-service IT without sacrificing control. Award-winning multi-cloud management combined with our team of public and private cloud experts can help you centralize network-to-cloud performance monitoring, management and automation.
      of companies choosing a cloud provider consider integrated management a top factor.3
      2+ clouds
      Most organizations will run multiple cloud environments by next year.4

      Hybrid infrastructure

      Get to market up to 15x faster and eliminate most of the capital costs and ongoing management fees by moving to a VMware-based SDDC/private cloud managed by CenturyLink.5
      of firms say the cloud positions them to take advantage of new technologies.6
      of companies seek hybrid platforms for easier workload migration.7

      Cloud connectivity

      Securely link your data center and cloud environments in real time to meet today¡¯s hybrid cloud demands.
      on-demand bandwidth scalability.
      public and private data centers directly accessible.

      Managed services & IT consulting

      Turn IT into a business asset with our design, implementation and ongoing management of your applications or infrastructure ¨C in your data center or ours.
      of firms look for a cloud migration partner.8

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