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      Milliseconds matter¡ªconnectivity in the cloud
      Let CenturyLink connect your cloud environment and network with exceptional performance, security, dynamic capacity and connectivity.

      Why CenturyLink? Cloud Connect Solutions
      No matter which cloud strategy you choose¡ªpublic, private or a hybrid¡ªour services and proven expertise can help.
      Successfully migrate to the cloud
      Boost Performance
      Deliver your mission-critical apps from the cloud with exceptional uptime and responsiveness.
      Stay Secure
      Experience the benefits of the cloud with the proven security of a private network ecosystem.
      Improve Flexibility and Efficiency
      Scale your bandwidth up and down as you need it. Pay only for the bandwidth you use.
      Match your network and your cloud experience
      With CenturyLink? Dynamic Connections, you can quickly and securely create connections in real time for a fast, flexible network experience. 
      Get the edge in network performance
      Control costs. Keep productivity high. Spend IT resources wisely. Adapt to changing business needs.
      How you connect to the cloud matters
      Create a high-performance application environment with CenturyLink Cloud Connect.
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