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      ¡ª? CASE STUDIES??¡ª

      Success Stories in the Voice of Our Customers

      Learn how peers in your industry are working with CenturyLink to make the most of their telecom solutions.?

      Info Mart

      Info Mart needed a secure reliable platform to make certain their 300,000 customers would have access to their business applications 24/7/365. A custom private cloud solution proved to be the answer to keep the buyers' and suppliers' connections uninterrupted.

      • Private Cloud
      Dialog Semiconductor

      Dialog Semiconductor needed flexibility and a more responsive approach to their business needs. Learn how CenturyLink helped to improve their network performance by twenty-five percent.

      • Managed Services
      • Network - IP VPN, MPLS
      • Internet
      • Security

      Mangomolo needed a reliable, high performance Content Delivery Network (CDN) that was flexible and could scale. CenturyLink delivered a solution that supported Mangomolo¡¯s growth and solved for the unpredictability of the online video market.

      • CDN
      • Redundancy


      PRS for Music

      PRS for Music needed a flexible model for users to work anywhere. Read more to learn how CenturyLink helped PRS save time and complexity by moving to one vendor.

      • Managed service
      • Voice Complete Skype for Business
      Industry Denver

      Industry Denver supports tenant's bandwidth needs, from single proprietors that only access to email to companies pushing 100 MG files up and down.

      Featured Products:

      • Internet Port
      Koch Trucking

      Over the road trucking company uses SD-WAN to manage new sites over the network.

      Featured Products:

      • SD-WAN
      Youth Dynamics

      To reach its remote locations, Youth Dynamics used multiple providers. The patchwork approach proved costly and came with reliability issues.

      Featured Products:

      • Managed Office
      Landmark Implement

      Landmark Implement developed a long-term IT strategy with CenturyLink to connect 18 business locations across states, creating greater collaboration in the company.

      Featured Products:

      • Hosted VoIP

      Guaranteed uptime and the ability to scale network infrastructure on-demand were both critical for Sysomos to effectively deliver services for its customers.?

      Featured Products:

      • Colocation
      • Cloud Services

      CenturyLink helped to enhance Visteon¡¯s global operations. IT managers recognized greater service reliability than previously and were also able to redirect IT maintenance and support resources toward projects having more business impact.

      Featured Products:

      • Dedicated Cloud Compute
      • Unified Storage
      • Backup
      • Intelligent hosting services
      • Dedicated Firewall Services
      • Ethernet Virtual Private Line
      Utah Education Telehealth Network

      Serving over 800,000 students, Utah Education and Telehealth Network needed to build a dedicated network that could extend to the far reaches of the state.

      Featured Products:

      • CenturyLink?GeoMax??| DWDM Network
      Barrow Neurosurgical

      Barrow needed a solution that addressed doctor and patient complaints. It needed to be fast, easy to implement and manageable.

      Featured Products:

      • Metro Ethernet
      Boys Town National Hotline

      Boys Town National Hotline is staffed with specially trained counselors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Technology and services plays a big role in saving lives. Through phone, text, IM, email online platforms and reliable connectivity, nearly 182,000 calls and web contacts were answered in 2017.

      Featured Products:

      • SIP Trunk
      • MPLS
      • Wavelength Services
      • Internet
      The Larry H. Miller Group and the Utah Jazz Play up Fans¡¯ Digital Experience

      The Utah Jazz and CenturyLink team give??Jazz fans??something to cheer about. CenturyLink Metro Ethernet??provides a great fan experience.

      Featured Products:

      • Network Services
      Orlando Magic

      The Orlando Magic required network services to ensure a seamless customer experience. WiFi and digital signage keep spectators happy and the powerful cell service provides customers the ease of doing business with digital tickets, food order and service and Magic money.

      Featured Products:

      • Network
      • WiFi
      En Masse Entertainment

      En Masse Entertainment needed an affordable cloud option to meet demands of customers and new launches. Their solution: CenturyLink's public cloud, which gave En Mass on-demand scalability and lowered monthly costs from $1M Capex to $25K Opex.

      Featured Products:

      • Cloud compute
      Tampa Bay Buccaneers

      Digital transformation has revolutionized the way spectator sports are disseminated and consumed. Tampa Bay Buccaneers IT management team needed a single-provider solution for reliable network services. CenturyLink was selected as the provider not only delivering reliable, responsive Wi-Fi to fans in the stadium but expanded internet connectivity to coaches and the media.

      Featured Products:

      • Network Services
      The Denver Broncos

      The Broncos connect their training facilities, a massive football stadium and 76,000 fans with a 10-gigabit backbone that moves data at high speeds¡ªand plenty of help from CenturyLink.

      Featured Products:

      • Network Services
      • WiFi
      Metropolitan Entertainment & Convention Authority (MECA)

      MECA needed to provide free public Wi-Fi to their sports arena, they turned to CenturyLink IT Services. We¡¯re proud to team up with MECA and their anchor tenant: the men¡¯s basketball program from Creighton University (go Bluejays!).

      Featured Products:

      • WiFi
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