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      Enhance Your Customer¡¯s Digital Experience

      Deliver a consistent, differentiated digital customer experience by enabling application uptime and accessibility across all your touchpoints.

      The Brave New World of Digital Customer Experience
      Discover how IT and marketing are using digital-era technologies to build a better customer experience.

      Differentiate Your Digital Experience

      Today, digital is the foundation for a better customer experience. Channels like web, email, chat, social, messaging and video have joined voice as critical components in omnichannel marketing. And big data, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionizing the customer care and services industries by predicting correct answers without human intervention.

      It¡¯s a new age that¡¯s being driven by several digital-era technologies, including adaptive networking, hybrid cloud, smart mobility, big data analytics and cybersecurity.? Winning the digital customer experience hinges on tapping into all of them in a way that helps your company ¡°sense and respond¡± to rapidly changing customer behaviors. ?

      To differentiate their customer experience CMOs and CIOs will need to work together to overcome some common challenges and learn how to fix them. ?

      Dependable Omnichannel Customer Experiences

      Deliver a robust user experience across all digital channels while improving security across your marketing and sales applications.
      Improve Application Performance by 15-25%1

      ??Improve marketing and sales with faster time-to-market of digital assets
      ??Integrate data across multiple platforms for a single view of the customer
      ??Enable faster innovation with streamlined IT operations
      ??Simplified management of data across applications and platforms

      Unify your data across web servers, eCommerce and ERP applications, order and fulfillment systems, as well as your business applications to enhance productivity, customer service and your brand reputation.

      Drive Efficiency by Scaling Your Network Capacity by up to 3x On Demand2

      ??Enhance network scale and security with high-performance connectivity
      ??Improve visibility with end-to-end network performance metrics
      ??Greater control with centralized policy management

      Expand commerce and distribution globally and give your audience the experience it expects with applications that are always on and easily accessible.

      Life Time Clubs Give Members a Better Experience

      From streaming audio while working out to surfing the web in the lounge, members at Life Time Fitness Health Clubs depend on secure Wi-Fi to deliver a superior in-store experience.

      Trust Network Security That Halted More Than 400,000 Cyber-Attacks in One Month3

      ??Proactively secure company and end-customer data
      ??Assess, predict, protect and respond to threats with multi-layered security solutions
      ??Improve transparency with centralized policy management

      Maintain compliance and protect your company and customer data with improved security policy management across your entire digital ecosystem.

      Save up to 27% and Increase Productivity with Network Integrated Collaboration4

      ??Deliver a better customer experience and improve conversations
      ??Improve call quality for more engaged customer conversations
      ??Easily scale and integrate with existing systems

      Drive innovation and provide a superior customer experience with better collaboration among employees, suppliers and customers.

      Enable your IT to Empower your Business

      ??Reduce upfront costs with solutions that align with your business goals
      ??Focus IT on business objectives by leveraging specialists
      ??Leverage certified experts to identify new business opportunities
      ??Minimize risk with dedicated security consulting expertise

      Expand your team of experts by tapping into our hands-on workshops, years of experience and proven design methodology.

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      Source 2: CenturyLink Dynamic Capacity capabilities are available as part of our Adaptive Network Control Service. Adaptive Network control allows a customer to use ad-hoc, scheduled or automatic bandwidth adjustments as the customer needs.
      Source 3: CenturyLink Cyber Attack Data, March 2018
      Source 4: Based on historical CenturyLink customer data (2017) among companies with 500+ knowledge workers that implement Cisco WebEx and Spark solutions.
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