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      Business Bundles

      Bundle High-Speed Internet
      and Phone Services

      Enter address to check for deals at your location.

      Current Customers: Call 855-891-4083
      for savings and offers.

      Current Customers: Call 866-476-9909
      for savings and offers.


      Find the Right High-Speed Internet and Phone Bundle for Your Business
      SIMPLE Internet
      + Digital Phone
      No Annual Contract
      • Up to 140 Mbps Internet
      • Advanced VoIP phone service
      Speed may not be available in your area.
      Prices Start at
      Prepay required. Activation, installation and
      equipment fees apply. Rate excludes taxes and
      voice fees/surcharges. See Details
      $100 Reward Card

      with SIMPLE Internet Purchase

      See Details
      Learn More >

      Prepaid Business Internet with reliable Business WiFi*
      VoIP digital phone service
      Advanced calling features: Find me/follow me, visual voicemail, easy to use admin portal and more
      Mobile app to stay connected
      Automatic online credit payment
      BEST FOR

      Business looking for prepaid Internet and phone service with no annual contract, no cancellation fees and advanced mobile/remote phone features for on-the-go employees.
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      + Traditional Phone
      2‐Year Term
      • Up to 40 Mbps Internet
      • Landline with popular calling features
      Speed may not be available in your area.
      Prices Start at
      New business customers only. Requires 2-year term for bundle, Autopay, and E-bill enrollment. Activation, installation and equipment fees apply. Rate excludes taxes, fees and surcharges. See Details
      Get $100 Off with Purchase.
      Online Only.
      Get One Month Free with Purchase.
      Online Only.
      See Details See Details
      Learn More >

      Business Internet with reliable WiFi*
      Unlimited Nationwide Calling
      Popular calling features: voicemail, call forwarding and many more
      Two licenses of Microsoft® Office 365 Business Essentials (additional licenses available for a fee)
      Business extras: email, DIY website design, and online backup
      BEST FOR

      Businesses looking for an Internet and phone service with a secure 2-year contract to lock in savings, plus business extras like Microsoft® Office 365 and Secure Online Backup.
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      HOW TO BUY

      Ready to buy or need help finding the best solution for your business?

      Call 855-891-4083

      Call 866-476-9909

      1 We will check service availability at your business address.
      2 We’ll assess your internet and phone usage and needs.
      3 You’ll receive a recommendation and price quote for how we can best support your business needs.

      Have advanced networking or IT needs?

      Visit our website for medium and enterprise businesses

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